Technical data (FT752)

Perfectly adapted for villa and apartment owners

Manufactured in compliance with NATM guidelines

Type: FoldTrailer FT752
Folding time: Substantially 30 seconds
Folded package size: 11” off wall (ex nose wheel)
G.v.w: 2000 lbs (908 KGs)
Curb w: 400 lbs (180 KGs)
Max payload: 1600 lbs (728 KGs)
Tire rating: 12”, 4.80-12 / 990 lbs at 90 pounds. (13” wheels available)
Overall length: 11.5´ (350cm)
Overall width: 63” (159cm)
Bed dimensions: 6´ x 4´ (183cm x 123cm)
Tongue: 2” ball coupler
Construction materials: welded steel
Texture: Hot Dip Galvanizing. Black Painted available
Hub & axle: cambered axle w/spindle, 4 lugs and taper roller bearings
Suspension: Leaf springs (shock absorbers available)
Lighting: 12V DOT
Brakes: No
Available accessories: Tarp, elastic cargo net, spare wheel, boat rollers and loading ramps